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Hoshisake - Singapore Limited Edition (13% Alc.) 720ml

Hoshisake - Singapore Limited Edition (13% Alc.) 720ml

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Best Before: 01 May 2025

About Product

Junmai Ginjo Un-Charcoal-Filtered Raw Sake Made with only rice milled to 60% or less of the original grain size, rice koji and water, often fermented at lower temperatures to produce fruity and floral aromas. Hoshisake is especially suited to Singapore's climate and flavors.

The manufacturing company, Hakurei Sake Brewery, is a historic sake brewing company that was founded in Kyoto in 1832. They spent over a year researching and producing sake exclusive to Singapore. We researched Singapore's climate and seasonings to create delicious drinks that go well with spicy dishes. This sweet and refreshing taste of sake pairs well with Singapore's spicy cuisine. It's delicious even if you drink it with ice. This is a special sake that can only be purchased in Singapore, great for parties and as a gift.


  • Water
  • Rice Koji
  • Rice


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