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Doctor V

Doctor V - DR.V Rush Workout Drink 300ml

Doctor V - DR.V Rush Workout Drink 300ml

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Best Before: 07 July 2024

About the brand

Doctor V natural energy drinks are made from wild, hand-picked herbs and berries sourced from the arctic circle. Our unique formulations draw on ancient remedies to offer natural solutions for all your energy needs. With an abundance of natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or colourings, Doctor V natural energy drinks are the first of its kind.

About Product 

Boost your body with this all-natural pre-workout energiser, designed for all outdoor enthusiasts and gym junkies. With wild herbs and berries, including pine needle extract, wild bilberry, schisandra, and a kick of green tea extract - you can leap into your workout without an energy crash.


Carbonated Water, Apple Juice, Wild Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice, Sugar, Wild Bilberry Juice, Beta-Carotene, Caffeine, Rowanberry Juice, Schisandra, Cinnamon, Siberian Pine Flavour, Natural Flavours.

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