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Pharmfarm - Black Barley 1KG

Pharmfarm - Black Barley 1KG

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The Ancient Grains for Modern Times

Black barley is a multi ‘Delicious Produce Award’ winning ancient grain. Black barley is a wholefood grain and contains one of the highest protein of all grains. It has a beautiful nutty taste and a wonderfully chewy texture and is well positioned for the emerging plant-based protein market. It’s a versatile grain that can accompany many contemporary dishes in grain salads, braises, soups and stocks. 

The health benefits of the ancient grain include cardiovascular wellbeing. Its antioxidant qualities have high anti-cancer capabilities and great for stomach flora. Most of all it is incredibly flavoursome.

Black Barley is a delicious ancient grain that is low GI and contains high amount of protein, fibre, vitamin B6 and phosphorus. It offers a nutty taste and unique texture. The beauty of this grain is that it is hull-less and is the only cereal grain that does not require further post-harvest processing, you just soak and eat or cook from paddock to plate. This is how it maintains its wholegrain health potential, coupled with the environmental benefit of less energy required for growing and processing the final product.

16 – 19% protein, exceeding the likes of wheat, oats and quinoa.

100% wholegrain


The black barley is packaged in a calico bag.

Delicious Produce Awards 

2021 - Gold Medallists – “From the Earth” category

2021 – State Winner WA – “From the Earth” category

2020 - State Winner WA - “From the Earth” category

2018 – Gold Medallists – “From the Earth” category

2018 – Trophy Winner – “ From the Earth” category - Best New Product – WA and National


The Black Barley comes in a 1kg calico bag. 

Black Barley Australia endeavours to use regenerative farming methods. 

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