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Rice Labo

Rice Labo - Genmai Granola in Fruits & Nut Mix 250g

Rice Labo - Genmai Granola in Fruits & Nut Mix 250g

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Best Before: 06 October 2023

About the brand

Rice Labo granola is by Koufuku Beikoku, a traditional Japanese rice company. Exquee is the official main distributor in Singapore. 

About Product

This granola has a slightly sweet flavor from the dried fruits and almonds. It provides fibre and vitamin E, which are often lacking from our regular diets.

This granola is gentle on the body with rich nutrients, contains oats with twice as much dietary fibre as barley, and Japanese brown rice, which is richer in amino acids than wheat.

It contains no preservatives or coloring and food additives, making it safe for children to eat.

Dietary Information

  • Made with brown rice flour (no wheat flour) and oats
  • With abundant dietary fibre and low GI, it's an easy breakfast for every day!
  • Starch syrup of reduced maltose provides sweetness with low calories.
  • No added flavors, colors, or preservatives


  • Oats(Australia/ Finland)
  • Starch Syrup of Reduced Malt Sugar
  • Rice Bran Oil (Japan)
  • Sultana Raisin
  • Green Raisin
  • Roasted Brown Rice (Japan)
  • Brown Rice Flour (Japan)
  • Dried Cranberry
  • Almond
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Sunflower Seed
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