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Manukalife - Manuka Honey (MGO 30+) 250g

Manukalife - Manuka Honey (MGO 30+) 250g

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Australian Manuka is among the strongest Manuka in the world. We bring you premium, active and authentic Manuka honey products backed by science, extensive research and our unique plant breeding programs that benefit people and the environment.

Our honey is the result of the honey bee and her remarkable and dedicated work, foraging on Australia’s many native Manuka flowers. In Australia, we are fortunate to have some of the healthiest bee populations in the world.

 Here at ManukaLife we collect our honey from plantations spread across the southern parts of Western Australia. These pristine, natural environments allow our healthy bees to collect and produce honey of the highest quality.

Our powerful Manuka honey is just as nature intended – pure, authentic and unadulterated.

Best Before: April 2025


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